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Engineering Services


Structural / Architectural
Production incl. Storage
Marketing and distribution
Industrial hygiene
Site supervision
Civil works
Mechanical works
Fire systems
Electrical works
AutoCAD Design and Drawing
Electrical Schematics
Feasibility studies
We can work with your building or find you a site.
Building evaluation; Envelope and services / facilities
Building Permit application
Layout and process design
Project scoping and budgeting
Risk evaluation
Detailed design; indoor sealed and unsealed as well as outdoor growing
Repurposed buildings as well as new construction
Hvac and odor control systems
Facility layout and workflow planning
Process automation
Remote monitoring setup
Construction and procurement
Owners Representative / Engineer
Health Canada applications
Representation in discussions with local stakeholders
Environmental permitting
Environmental impact assessments
Environmental and waste planning
Energy optimization studies and reporting to utility
Safety planning
Quality planning
Security planning
Regulatory compliance
Business planning including alternative revenue streams